As the redeemed of God, the focus of our worship is on God Himself – His Character, His Mighty Acts, His Will, His Salvation, His Grace. We sing a mixture of psalms and hymns that are able to communicate the great Truths of His Majesty.

The Preaching of the Word and the Sacraments are central to our worship. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the morning service on the second Sunday of each month, and in the evening service on the last Sunday of each month.

The order of our Worship can be described as “antiphonal,” that is, a back-and-forth pattern wherein God acts and we, His people, respond appropriately. The following provides a brief outline of this dialogical pattern:

God Calls us to Worship

  • We Hear His Greeting & Call
  • We Respond with Voices of Praise
  • We Affirm the Prayer of Invocation

God Reveals His Character & His Will

  • We Delight in God’s Law
  • We Confess our Sinfulness
  • We Receive God’s Assurance of Pardon

God Invites Us to Respond to His Grace

  • We Offer Him our Prayers of Intercession
  • We Offer Him our Gifts & His Tithe
  • We Offer Him our Praise in Song & Prayer

God Gives Us His Sure Word

  • We Prepare to Listen
  • We Open His Word
  • We Hear His Word Proclaimed
  • We Respond with Conviction

God Dismisses Us With His Blessing

  • We Hear God’s Word/Charge
  • We Receive God’s Benediction
  • We Declare God’s Glory