Matthew 5:27-32 – The Adulterous Heart

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Intern Hunter Quinn continues his series in Matthew where Jesus explains how sexual sins in adultery and unlawful divorce have roots deeper than what is outwardly visible. From this we are reminded of our dire and continual need for the Gospel, forgiveness, and sanctification in Christ.

Matthew 5:21-27 – A Murderer’s Heart

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Are you a murderer? The seemingly obvious answer to this question for most people is “no”, but in Matthew 5, Jesus points out that the definition of murder in God’s eyes goes beyond a physical act. Intern Hunter Quinn, in his continuing exposition of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, reminds us that we are all murderers in need of God’s mercy and that such mercy is readily found at the cross.

Matthew 5:17-20 – It’s the Law!

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What meaning does Old Testament law have for the modern Christian? Is it relevant at all, or can we safely ignore the rules and regulations that applied to the Jews? Intern Hunter Quinn deals with these and other questions that arise as he continues to preach through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.

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